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Zombee - The Virus

After years, and years of global pollutions, chemicals being spread in the atmosphere, and the government spreading Chemtrails all over the world, pollution rise, making earth an inhabitable place to live. All of a sudden something happen, the bee's started getting infected and turning into Zombee's.

Suddenly they started spreading all kind of diseases attacking humans and stinging them to death.

Scientist predict that if the entire bees got extinct, humanity would die. Well who would it though, after decades of contaminating the skies, it happens. The bee's finally die, but didn't stay dead.

Everything started in the United States, Colorado - Area 51, right before NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal that the US Government was going to spread a Super High-In-Tech Nano Virus online to take over the planet...

Zombee - Zombee - Online

The Super High-In-Tech Nano Virus (SHITNV) was meant to navigated through the internet, to find its primary targets and destroy their data bases with a simple click of a button.

Stay tune for more Zombee's

This was just a little sneak peak of how the story goes.