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Graphic Design Templates

Resume Template Resume Template

Get your hands on this awesome templates. We will be updating our page with more cool templates for Photoshop,Illustrator,InDesign, After Effect, Cinema 4D and more.

FL Studio Black Red Skin

FL Studio Black Red Skin FL Studio Black Red Skin

FL Studio 10 Black + Red Skin. We are back with more simple and original FL Studio Skins. We will be updating this page with newer skins so stay tuned, Please like and share our page, it motivate us to make more awesome designs.

Letter A

Low C Fire Low C Fire

Letter A is one of our first attents to create the Alphabet in different type of 3d model objects.


Unplugged Unplugged

Unplugged is movie concept for a not to far future, where all humans become, machines. Just imagine, what if we where actually receiving a message from the future as we create this and its actually a real message.

Just Do It

Just Do It Just Do It

Seeing that the 3D industries are growing and always coming with the best designs out there, we wanted to stay up to date with all the new effects in the market.


Cusco Cusco

Cusco is one of our unique designs incorporating a texture according to its surrounding.

Eminem Rapbot

Eminem Rapbot Eminem Rapbot

Here we have another fantastic graphic design inspired by the new Eminem song "Rap God" from his newest album The MMLP2′: Who Is The Real Slim Shady Targeting Now? Created with various instruments, we transform Eminem into a Rapbot.

This project took about a total of 7 hours with in a 5 day period.

Maria Camila Wallpaper

Maria Camila Maria Camila

Beauty is not just being sexy in front of a camera. Beauty is an evolving art of nature. And in Waveplug MODELS we will take your imagination to another level, mixing beauty and nature with art. We'll be introducing all types of beautiful females from different nationalities.